Understand the Difference

Our Storages are designed for storing bees. Their specific purpose is to PROTECT BEES over the winter. We have taken the time to think  through the features that make handling, transporting and storing bees better. We don't cut corners or spare expenses if it makes our facility better or more reliable. 
1. The Best Buildings  
Our unique design and best in class buildings are constructed by the best contractors, out of the best materials. Semi trucks can drive inside our buildings to load and unload out of the weather. There is enough room to take nets on and off inside. Red lights give our forklifts enough light to work in without disturbing the bees. The floors are painted with lines and numbers to keep stacks straight and organized.  High ceilings and straight walls allow for tall, dense stacks while  maximizing airflow. No body else has buildings like ours. 

2. Specialized Equipment
Our ventilation equipment is manufactured and sized specifically for our bee storage design. We are able to keep exact airflows, tempertures, humidity and CO2 & Oxygen levels no matter the time of year or weather conditions. We have invested in the very best fans, refrigeration units and electrical controls to create the perfect storing environment. Each bee storage has multiple sets of equipment with back up generators for redunt protection. We are leaving nothing to chance.

3. Management Team
Our business is to protect your bees. We understand how crutial your bees are to your business. We also understand the economics of beekeeping and how important it is for your bees to come out of winter in the best shape possible. Our expertise and experience is in designing and managing climate control ventilation systems. The result is bees that live longer and consume less honey. With crews that understands how to handle bees and an experienced management team, you will come out of our bee storages with more bees that are ready to work for you!

Twin Falls